Know Sizar Ghajar, our Travel and Tourism Trainer
29 Nov

Know Sizar Ghajar, our Travel and Tourism Trainer

One more week to go and term break.😜😉
Did you manage to plan your holidays yet?

Know Sizar Ghajar, our Travel and Tourism trainer.
Sizar has 25 years in travel industry in Australia. 
He started his career when he was 15 in a local travel agency in Dulwich Hill.
What was supposed to be only a working experience, turned into his passion and few years later he was running his own business. The small business became a business of 7 shops and 54 staffs.
Sizar has travelled through Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America and of course, Australia.
When we asked about his favourite place in the world, the answer was immediately Turkey, for all the life, culture and history of this country.
“The world is such a big place, but sometimes the nicest places are under our nose. Australia is so big! If you are here, you have to travel around. One of my best recommendations in Australia are: Lake Eyre (Adelaide), Whitehaven Beach (Queensland) and Tasmania.”

If this sound like your cuppa tea, contact us for further Travel and Tourism courses on our website or visit us at Business Institute of Australia located at Broadway shopping centre.
Our lovely marketers will get back to you.✈️🌎


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