Student Experience
24 Jul

Student Experience

The experience of living overseas involves commitment, passion and effort.
Choosing the right course, the destination and the college are just a few of them.
But when you know about other experiences of people that have been through this kind of adventure, it can clarify your mind about the best decision to be taken.
Victor Pugliese, our student of Travel and Tourism Management, works as GSA and Reservation Representative in a 5 stars hotel in Woolloomooloo. He answered a Q&A session and told us the main things that made him choose Australia and Travel and Tourism at Business Institute of Australia.
Take a look at what he said:

Why did you choose to come all the way from Brazil to Australia?

-I had a couple of friends already living in Australia and they told me that it was a stunning place to live in, so I believed in them and moved all the way here, and it is actually the most beautiful place I’ve lived in my life!

Why did you choose Travel and Tourism?

-I choose Travel and Tourism Management because I am passionate about traveling and everything that involves it. My greatest love has always been aviation, although the hospitality area has caught my eyes and all my attention at the moment.

What does the course / career involves that you most like?

-What I like most about working in the travel industry is how you have the opportunity to meet so many different people from all around the world and see how much they have to bring into your life.

What kind of work experience have you done which makes you passionate for your profession?

-In my work place we do say that we are the “Shine Happy People”, which means that every single staff of the hotel must have a really friendly and positive attitude towards the guests, this is what makes me passionate about what I do and what I want to do for the rest of my life, either working in hospitality or aviation I believe that this passion is what moves me and makes me go to work with a bright smile!

Do you have any tips for future studies?

-For those who want to study Travel and Tourism Management I’d say that you have to be prepared to face any kind of situation work-wise, because starting from the bottom and specially working with hospitality can be tough, although if you have the passion which is the most important, you will grow up and be successful on whatever role you choose to do!

Some fun story of your work:

-Wrapping up with a funny story that happened in my workplace a couple of weeks ago, and the most meaningful thing that happened to me at work. I was sitting at my desk and we are responsible to take all the feedback from guests, so I was told that we had a feedback from a 10 years old little guy, when I went to have a look at the piece of paper, he had rated all the services of the hotel with stars and told that he was “blowed out” with the staff member. It was definitely the most meaningful thing that happened to me in those 3 years working in Australia!

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