10904NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing Pathway to BSB60520 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication


Students who enroll into the package of courses understand that they are required to complete an additional two (2) Electives within the 10904NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing. The combination of Electives meets, upon successful completion, the entry requirements into the BSB60520 Advanced Diploma of Marketing Communication.

Social media has continued to revolutionise the marketing landscape over the past decade and is now an essential component for all organisations. The world’s first and only formal qualification in social media marketing, 10904NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing is the qualification you need to accelerate your career by immediately applying your social media marketing skills to your chosen business or organisation.

Why study Social Media Marketing?

Benefits of Social Media:

Social Media Careers

This qualification is suitable for marketers of all levels of experience as the Diploma will take you through all of the key elements of social media marketing. Get ahead and stand out from the competition with a qualification that formalises your skills.

Entry Level Roles

($60-$75k+ Salary)

Upskilled Roles

($75-$90k+ Salary)

Managerial Roles

($90-$200k+ Salary)

• Students must be at least 18 years of age, 

• English language proficiency at IELTS 5.5 or equivalent (International Students),

• Obtained a minimum of an Australian Higher School Certificate or equivalent.

• Sydney

• Brisbane


65 weeks

• Classroom
• Blended (onshore international students/domestic students)
• Online (offshore students/domestic students)

What You Will Learn In The Diploma Of Social Media Marketing:

Create high converting content, publish your message to all the right places and convert these into sales by using the power of strategic content marketing.

Develop your own social media strategy and action plan by conducting a social media audit, identifying your audience, choosing the right channels for your purpose and creating your content strategy.

Establish an organic presence on social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, WeChat, TikTok, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Develop an organic strategy, conduct organic social media marketing, and increase the efficiency of organic social media marketing activities.

Develop paid social media advertising strategies on channels including – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Build paid campaigns, create effective advertisements and optimise delivery of paid social media marketing to maximise returns.

Understand your values, personality, life-stage and resources to build your online assets including social media, websites and landing pages. Learn how to leverage what you’ve created to deliver the results you’ve been looking for.

Plan, implement and manage conversion strategies, including copywriting, web asset development, retargeting and email marketing.

+ 5 Elective Units

Learning outcomes:

Social Media Facts and Statistics:

Pathway for Further Study

Upon completion 10904NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing graduates may have a pathway into the BSB60520 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication.

A person who has successfully completed imported training package units of competency as part of the qualification may seek credit towards a nationally recognised qualification that includes these units as either core or elective units.

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